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Our Process

Plaster Cast Method

Our premium Orthotic manufacturing process starts with the creation of the “positive” or plaster cast impression of the client’s foot. This process gives us the most accurate re-creation of their foot which helps us create a truly custom Orthotic for them – it’s like we’re working with their real foot!

Creating a Multi-Layer Device

Our Orthotics go beyond a traditional pre-fabricated Orthotic (which is the most common type in the industry). Using up to 5 different layers of materials, we create an Orthotic that treats and corrects common foot and posture problems such as Pronation/Supination, Plantar Fasciitis, Foot, Knee, Hip and Back pain.

We use a Vacuum press to form these materials to the plaster impression of your foot which creates a truly custom product. A truly custom product is rare in the Orthotics industry today because creating them is more costly and much more time consuming. We are committed to creating the best Orthotics and we do that using the best methods and materials available.


The final step of our Orthotics process involves our skilled Pedorthists adding the final posting (support) and fine tuning the Orthotic to ensure all our clients needs are met in terms of support, pain relief and posture correction.

A truly custom Orthotic!

The finished product is one that we are proud to call our own and our many happy clients will attest to the fact that our process does create a truly custom product!

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