Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Certified Pedorthist?

A Certified Pedorthist is an extensively trained specialist in foot and lower limb conditions. We are regulated by the College of Pedorthics Canada and adhere to a strict code of ethics and ongoing education. We conduct detailed biomechanical and gait assessments, cast, manufacture and dispense custom orthotics, customized OTC (over-the-counter) insoles, compression stockings and ankle/knee bracing. At Infinity Orthotic Centre we are unique as all of our Pedorthists bring years of experience to the table and we manufacture our own custom orthotics at our onsite lab. This provides high quality service and consistent products within a timely turnaround.

Is there a cost for the initial biomechanical assessment with a Certified Pedorthist at Infinity Orthotic Centre?
No, there is no fee or obligation for the initial appointment with a Certified Pedorthist. It is our goal to have you leave the appointment feeling comfortable and educated about how we can help you.
How long does the initial biomechanical appointment take?
We suggest clients set aside 45 minutes to 1 hour to ensure the Pedorthist has enough time to complete a detailed evaluation, discuss your specific needs and answer any questions that you may have.
Do you require a prescription or referral to book an appointment at Infinity Orthotic Centre?

No, a prescription/referral is not required for the initial appointment. If you choose to get orthotics, a prescription may be required by your insurance company in order for them to cover the cost (whole or partial) of your Orthotics.

Upon completion of the biomechanical assessment your Pedorthist can write you a detailed prescription that can be taken to your Family Doctor to get signed if required for insurance.

Do you require a Doctor’s prescription to get insurance coverage for custom orthotics?
Insurance policies differ for everyone and it is best to check with your insurance company to see what you are covered for and to find out what information is needed in order to qualify for coverage. Most plans require a prescription from a Medical Doctor/Family Doctor. Remember, you do NOT need a prescription to complete the initial assessment and your Pedorthist can provide you with the appropriate paperwork to take to your Family Doctor if required to satisfy your insurance requirements. You will also be provided a biomechanical/gait analysis, as well as information on the casting method used and the raw material breakdown of the Orthotics (which is required by some insurance companies).
How long do custom orthotics last?

This is a difficult question as there are a lot of factors that contribute to this answer. The lifespan should not be determined by the top cover material wearing out (which is easily replaced).

There is a large variance in lifespan, but we typically say 1-4 years. There are many factors that affect orthotic lifespan such as: a client’s lifestyle and time spent on their feet, the client’s specific injury or condition, the materials the orthotics are made of, the footwear the orthotics are worn in, the client’s weight and foot/lower limb misalignment pressures. After a detailed evaluation, your Pedorthist can best advise you which orthotic materials and footwear are best suited for you and your lifestyle to maximize the lifespan of the orthotics.

Infinity Orthotic Centre manufactures several types of orthotics so we are able to meet every client’s needs and lifestyle.

Are custom orthotics made for children?

There is no age minimum for custom orthotics and children are no exception. At Infinity, we strongly suggest booking a biomechanical assessment appointment (no charge) if you have questions or concerns regarding the feet or lower limbs of your child. Growth is a factor in children, so outgrowing orthotics before they are worn out is common. There are alternatives to custom orthotics which may be suitable for children that are less aggressive such as an OTC (over-the-counter) insoles with modifications to customize specific needs at a lower cost. This may allow a child to have multiple pairs if they like to leave a pair of shoes at school.

What casting methods are used for custom orthotics?
At Infinity Orthotic Centre we ONLY utilize 3D casting methods to provide a fully customized Orthotic device. We most commonly use a 3D foam box or a 3D plaster cast method which are accepted by all major insurance companies.
Is there a warranty on custom orthotics?

At Infinity Orthotic Centre we stand behind our products and services and we work with our clients until they achieve the comfort and relief they need. Occasionally, a client may require an adjustment if they are having difficulty getting used to the orthotic. We do suggest booking a follow up appointment, but there is no cost for any adjustment or modification required within the first year of purchase.

What will custom orthotics feel like to wear at first?

It is normal for your custom orthotics to feel strange at first. A properly fitted orthotic should not cause new pain, but your current symptoms likely will not go away instantly. It is important to get used to your new orthotics gradually by wearing them a couple of hours per day and gradually increasing that until you are wearing them all the time. The more consistently you wear your orthotics, the more consistently your body will be properly aligned. This will allow healing to occur. If for any reason new pain, redness or blistering occurs, stop wearing your orthotics and contact us to book a follow up appointment.

How do I clean my orthotics?

Orthotics can be made of many different materials, most of which are heat moldable so it is very important they are not exposed to high heat to avoid damage. If they get wet just let them air dry. To remove surface dirt or odors use a cloth with warm water and mild soap. It is also fine to use any deodorant or anti-bacterial sprays on your orthotics.

How long does it take to have a custom orthotic made?

During the initial assessment your Pedorthist will take the cast of your feet. Our standard time frame to manufacture and dispense a custom orthotic is within 3-5 business days. Since we have a full service onsite lab special accommodation can be made if necessary but it is best to make arrangements with your Pedorthist.