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At Infinity Orthotic Centre, our speciality is custom made foot orthotics. We provide orthotics of unmatched quality and craftsmanship using the very best quality materials available.

Our Certified Pedorthists are extensively trained on casting procedures and subsequent manufacturing that best suits the needs and wants of the client. We offer several different device styles, each manufactured to suit a specific need.



The name says it all. Much like the fuel grade, the premium is the most superior device on the orthotic market today. Utilizing a 5-6 layer matrix of materials, this device style offers the ideal balance of rearfoot support and midfoot flexibility. It is a premium product of unmatched performance.

Dual Density

The dual density product is a tried and true orthotic device style; its roots extending back to the early days of orthotic design. Utilizing a dual layered shell material, the dual density offers an accommodative, flexible and comfortable solution to orthotic treatment. There is a reason this device is still fabricated forty years later.

EFM Sport

There are several things to consider when fabricating a device for sport; weight, structure and function being most critical. The EFM (extra-firm-material) sport device was created to offer lightweight, low profile functional support that can be inserted into all varieties of sport footwear.

Sport Impact

In cases where volume becomes a concern for athletes, the sport impact device is ideal. It offers a ¾ length low profile design with uncompromising support for any sport application. Made of a co-polymer compound, this device is as strong as the athlete utilizing the product.


Today’s professional footwear line does not offer shoes with the space necessary for a full length device. However, where there is a will, there is a way. The dress device style is a ¾ length low profile device that is easily transferable between more “stubborn” footwear choices. This device simply slides on top of the existing insole, and provides a significant degree of support despite being lower profile.


Much like the dress style device, the Cobra is a low profile orthotic style that is easily transferrable across many footwear choices.

Compression Stockings

At Infinity Orthotic Centre, we carry a full line of compression socks and stockings to suit every need of every client. Compression stockings are a relatively new therapy under the umbrella term of Compression Therapy. Primarily used in instances of vascular insufficiency, graduated compression has been correlated with reduced leg fatigue through improved circulation. Historically worn by an older demographic for issues such as varicose veins, new research has found benefits associated to sport populations as well, improving the efficiency of the calf muscle pump to return deoxygenated blood back to the heart which reduces lactic acid build up.


How do I know what stockings are best for my lifestyle? Our Certified Canadian Pedorthists will be able to assist you in determining which socks are ideal for your particular situation. Compression Therapy follows a uniform format; compression is highest at the ankle and linearly decreases as it rises up the lower leg. However, there are varying degrees of compression available to suit the individual needs of the client.  Compression stockings are grouped into 2 categories: medical and non-medical grades.

How much compression do I need? There is no direct answer to how much compression is needed for every case, unless otherwise prescribed by a referring physician. Instead, at Infinity Orthotic Centre, we begin by highlighting an appropriate range of compression based upon where we feel you would best benefit.


The following are several educational resources on compression therapy:


One of the many aspects at Infinity Orthotic Centre that separates our clinic from the rest is our line of orthopedic bracing options carried in-store. Off the shelf orthopaedic bracing is an economical way to limit mobility in the instance of recovery or to reintroduce guided mobility in the instance of returning to normal ambulation. If you are currently dealing with osteoarthritis at any of the major joints in the lower limb and/or have just undergone lower limb joint replacement surgery, you may benefit from introducing orthopedic bracing.

Infinity Orthotic Centre carries DonJoy and Bauerfeind products – both companies known for quality and innovation. Our Certified Pedorthist’s are thoroughly educated on the proper sizing and fitting of orthopaedic bracing and will be sure to aid in your recovery.

Follow the link below to view DonJoy’s product lines and educational videos.


Follow the link below to view Bauerfeind’s product lines.

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