At Infinity Orthotic Centre we have a state-of-the-art onsite lab where all our custom orthotics are manufactured within the clinic. We intentionally built a lab with windows looking in from the clinic so anyone who visits can watch our team manufacture in action. We believe this is our difference. It allows our practitioners to provide exceptional Pedorthic care in a timely manner for our clients.

We take extreme pride in the product we manufacture. Our process is labour intensive and requires precision and accuracy.

Cast Preparation

Cast preparation is the first and most important step which involves taking the negative 3D foot impression (foam box or plaster cast) taken by the Pedorthist during the patient’s assessment and replicating a positive model out of plaster of paris without losing the integrity of the foot shape or position.

Vacuum Pressing

Vacuum pressing involves the heating and moulding of materials or multiple layers of materials in a specific sequence directly around the plaster cast to form the foundation of the orthotic device. The device will still need to be shaped and ground to fit into the footwear.

We are fortunate at Infinity Orthotic Centre, because we have the on-site lab, we can customize and alter every aspect of the device. We can specify the material type, strength, placement, amount of cushioning and/or any other special requirements.

Grinding and Fine Tuning

Grinding is the process of taking the vacuum pressed device and shaping it based on the support requirements of the client and to easily fit in and out of footwear. The degree of flexibility and stability a device offers are directly related to how the device was ground.

At Infinity Orthotic Centre, we believe we provide a strong continuity of client care because the Pedorthist who conducts the initial assessment is the same Pedorthist that will take the foot impression cast, grind and fine tune the device and finally dispense the final custom orthotic to the client.